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dialogue e-group dedicated to cultural literacy

Visitors/readers are cordially invited to join a discussion e-group dedicated to open debate on issues relating to cultural literacy pertinent to indigenous peoples across the planet.

dialogue is the name of the group and encourages debate of subjects raised in editions of the journal of the same name. Members are entitled to complimentary copies of this publication and encouraged to submit their own and other creative ideas.

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Friday, July 28, 2006

love is the answer

The following article was published in 1981 by the YOU magazine in Port of Spain Trinidad. It is reproduced as a service to readers.

POET Roi-Kwabena (see September ’87 People) has just produced a journal titled Vegetable & Fruit Juices Could Restore Health Naturally. In it Roi advocates the consumption of fresh fruit juices for good health and he also lists the disorders for which the juices might provide therapeutic aid. But we thought on of the most interesting sections to be his Bonus Report on the power of Emotions. We have edited a section of it and you will have to admit, that even though you may disagree with Roi’s theory, it just might have some truth in it.

More than half of the growing number of patients seeking medical attention for many ailments has symptoms resulting from mental stress. Unfortunately however, this is seldom realised by the authorities concerned. Treatment is rather focussed on the symptoms of the particular illness, while the underlying emotional tendencies can cause debilitating and even fatal results. The most potent of these disease producing emotions are jealousy, envy, greed, self-centredness, over-ambition, anger, frustration, resentment and hatred.

Turmoil of this nature, are nurtured in the brain’s emotional centre from which nerve fibres receive and relay impulses to the entire body. Unnatural and aggravating vibes subsequently encourage a great deal of ailments and distressing symptoms.

The digestive, circulatory, nervous, genitourinary and glandular systems are all very susceptible to emotional upsets. Many skin disorders and diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis, hives and other similar ailments are the result of emotional stress. Within recent times, however, fascinating findings based on extensive studies on this subject by internationally acclaimed authorities pinpoint an antidote, the fantastic benefits of which are available to all.

QUESTION: Why do some people radiate good health while others constantly look like they just rose from a sick bed?

ANSWER: Those of us who learn how to give and receive LOVE and make it a central part of our lives, add many healthy, happy years to our lives. Whether you are married, divorced, single or widowed, you too can make love a vital part of your life. For almost everyone the results will be nothing short of fantastic.

A recent survey of over 1,000 adults reveals that people who express love for others are twice as healthy as people who don’t. People who had higher acceptance of others, who were more loving and caring towards others had twice the likelihood of being physically and psychologically healthy. On the other hand, lack of love can contribute to devastating health problems.


We all need love whether we are young or old, male or female. In order to experience love we must recognise it when it is offered to us, and be able to show love for others. But accordingly, a local senior psychiatrist advises that love is not always easy to recognise.

One must look for subtle clues – for example, a smile, a gesture. Actually some people are extremely low-keyed in their expressions of affection. You must therefore learn to be a good listener and not be caught up in the importance of your own thoughts. Listen to what others are saying. A moment of tenderness is missed and lost forever if you don’t bother to listen carefully.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

dialogue paperback available

ISSN: 1024-0209
No. 2 / Vol. 2
Spring Summer -2006
AFROETS PRESS 32nd anniversary

This journal specifically addresses issues relating to indigenous cultures and its impact on the post modern world. This Summer Spring Issue includes a bonus supplement dedicated to PANAFSTRAG.
GUEST EDITOR: Renèe Ballerini-Sigel
Lennox Raphael, Cathy Perry, Nuru El, Dicho Ilunga, Munyaradzi Muzenda, Stewart Brown, Avelino Bambi, Efi Antoniou, Esuseeke Ololade, Milorad Krystanovch, Ras Jahaziel, Mardin Ibrahim, Ishola Williams, Kunijwok Kwawang, ADAMISSIMO, Writers Without Borders, PANAFSTRAG & Africa Speaks. Contents:ART of Dialogue ,All Are Orphans,Obituaries,Ancient Grace, A Short Story-Hate to Forgiveness,WILL but forced,Africa Speaks ,News update, What they never tell, Children of the Dust, Dwight/Dwrong, other regular features and paintings by the Kenyan born Artist Patrick Wilson Githinji.

110 pages
8.26" x 11.69"
perfect binding
full-color interior ink

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Celebrating 32 Years of advocacy

AFROETS PRESS (1974-2006)
RAKA BOOKS (1996-2006)
an interview with our founder published in 1981
(YOU magazine, Port of Spain, Trinidad)


In July of 1974, literary critics of Trinidad and Tobago were astounded by the bold step into print by an eighteen year old poet with an anthology entitled "LAMENT OF THE SOUL". At the launch of this slim volume, Fitzroy Cook Jnr. announced that the returns from the sale of his book would be used to address problems faced by many writers.

At that time in Trinidad & Tobago access to publication was a preserve of a few. As a result many aspiring and young writers suffered. This initiative was given the name AFROETS PRESS. Support in the main came from the small circle of poets and friends who gathered that night for the launch. Many of them volunteered on the condition that they be only allowed to work behind the scenes.

The mission was to focus attention on the written works of aspiring writers. But while the original ambition was to include all genres, Poetry was decided to be the most practical choice. Thus sessions of Poetry Reading featuring new local poets were staged around Port Of Spain to introduce these new voices and also raised the profile of AP as a cultural body.

Venues were unusual, ranging from open parks, playgrounds, warehouses, Trade Union offices, Libraries, Schools, Discos, Church Halls, a Supermarket and even a suburban branch of a Commercial Bank. These activities were generally well supported by the general public. Estimated audiences numbered from ten and sixty patrons with even three hundred plus at one event.

The local press (including Television and Radio ) were at times at generous with their coverage via sporadic interviews, reviews and feature stories. In fact two programmes were worthy enough to warrant contemplative Editorial comment in the local leading daily newspapers. Thus several events presented by AP benefited from national exposure.

Admission fees were always minimal, though overheads were sometimes very daunting to say the least. Yet solicited support from the private sector especially corporate and small business advertising revenues critically assisted with costs towards promotion of such events.

Though pamphlets of poetry were printed and distributed at these readings, many members expressed dissatisfaction over the fact that not enough energy was put towards publication. For the only other major work at that time from AP was "INSIGHT" a collection of poetry and socio-political commentary edited by ROI KWABENA.

It was decided after some serious self examination by then serving members, to promote both- POETRY (on the page) and the performance based Oral tradition supported by percussion. However, to satisfy the needs of members and wider audiences required the establishment of a performance based production department with its own mandate. This is saga behind the little understood roots of the internationally famed cultural collective - BEMBE PRODUCTIONS.

Since then over two hundred aspiring poets ( with ages ranging 12-76 yrs ) have been presented. Eight of them are today very well known, being published locally and internationally . AP has published over seventeen titles in Trinidad & Tobago (1974-1994). These works included collections of poetry, a Health journal, posters, post cards, pamphlets, paper-backs on Anthropology and History plus a cultural magazine. These titles have been widely distributed in the Caribbean, Americas , Afrika and Europe.

In the spirit of renewal AP appointed CHRISTOPHER GREY , a young poet to head the imprint: AWARE Publications in 1984. This outfit independently published seven titles over a period of five years (1985-1993). Among these the most prominent was "BUSH RUM " : a sociological study of the impact of this locally brewed form of alcoholic. While other works were mainly collections of poetry and notably a handbook on the Acquired Indefiency Syndrome: "THE SCOURGE OF THIS MODERN AGE" - Christopher Grey.

However Grey did not confine himself to readings and book launchings but more so to active community work. This was his original vocation in a volunteer capacity. Scores of young people across Trinidad & Tobago benefited from his lectures and other group activities that were centred on Health Education. His Anti Drug campaign were successful enough to command the attention of several regional and international governments and organisations. As a result, our young editor is a recipient of several prestigious international community awards. He has lectured and performed his work across the Caribbean, USA and even Japan.

AP has been served by five editors and twenty plus writers. Collaborative efforts over the past two decades included the publication of the socio-geographic text- "ABOUT THE CARIBBEAN" for adults and young readers. AP was represented on the board of the Coventry ( UK ) based cultural collective : TAMARA Productions. This book is now in its' sixth edition and is widely distributed across the world since publication in the Caribbean, England, Germany and Sudan.

In fact our founder also extensively toured and worked with artistes and cultural groups across the Caribbean, Europe and Afrika. While other recent efforts include a publication of selected poetry: "MANIFESTATIONS" with the FACHSHAFT ANGLISTIK -the English Department of the University of Augsburg, Bavaria. RAKA Publications is proud to be associated with AFROETS PRESS INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHERS & BEMBE PRODUCTIONS . The publication in 1996 of "A JOB FOR THE HANGMAN " & " NUBIAN SAINTS OF CHRISTIANITY" among our other titles in the U.K. would not have be possible without such shared expertise and resources.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

another tongue (published)

A unique collection of selected translated poetry by this acclaimed Caribbean writer. Languages include: Dutch, Greek, Turkish, French, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hungarian, Italian, German & Swedish.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

in the moment - published

The long awaited collection of commissioned poetry as a Birmingham Poet Laureate is now available in hardback.

Selected commissioned poems from Birmingham's Poet Laureate (2001-2002), celebrating the diversity and culture of England's second city. Includes an appreciation of the epic poem-"location:RE". These works have received international acclaim establishing Roi Kwabena as a new vibrant voice of post colonial literature in Britain.

52 pages,
6.00" x 9.00",
jacket-hardcover binding,
black and white interior ink