Thursday, December 15, 2005

PODCASTS due soon

HR on the AIR

Readers all over the world are due for a special treat. Dialogue and music will be aired at intervals with Roi Kwabena as your host and moderator. I propose to cover topics as this blog relating to indigenous issues, Art and Culture.
The podcast will be called: HR ( Hermeneutic Ra=dio)
Listeners will be able to access these files as they will be presented on a weekly basis before being posted eventually twice a week , then daily.
So do feel free to bookmark this site and keep posted
For the information of readers be aware that my life's work seeks to promote CULTURAL LITERACY.

pour libations for our ancestors who strove so we can exist today

Creative writing & Cultural Literacy

"UPWRITE" sessions are available for all age groups. Thousands of youngsters, adults and the elderly from around the world have participated in these workshops, despite their diverse cultural, national & religious origin or even varied terms of reference.
Many participants have been inspired to horn this craft as professionals or as a means for personal self expression and as subtle mechanism for confidence building.These sessions have enabled students at all educational levels to express themselves more effectively in their academic pursuits.
Many schools have solicited support, input and advice for projects whereby students can create a body of work for publication or for concerts, readings, Book & Poetry Day celebrations.
These sessions are formally recognised by various literary and social bodies as instrumental for the ample propagation of Functional & Cultural literacy. Many elders have been able to record their achievements and fulfilled secretly harboured intentions to record extraordinary life's experiences.
"UPWRITE" sessions have been hosted by various educational, health, community, social and cultural organisations in the Caribbean, Europe and Africa.
Workshop Themes
  • Introductory session: Responsibility of the Scribe
  • Poetry (writing & style, Recitation/Performance/history)
  • Prose: Comprehension & Composition
  • Playwriting
  • Short story writing
  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • History
  • Health
  • Gender, Race & Equalities
  • Dynamics of Research
  • Journalism (for print Media)
  • Biographies
  • How to get Published ?
  • Travel Writing
  • Writing Humour
  • Editing
  • Understanding Criticism
  • Reading and Understanding your readers

Further details available on request.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

On functional versus cultural literacy - acquisition of dexterity

" What do I mean by cultural literacy? Cultural literacy is a necessity and, though we hear more about functional literacy, the two are part and parcel of the same thing. Functional literacy is usually defined as being able to do the reading and writing required to live our daily lives in the societies in which we live. Functional literacy would not be legitimate without cultural literacy. Cultural literacy is about knowing and caring about different cultures....."

responding during an interview with
Samantha Duncan for the
UK National Literacy Journal

Celebrating World Human Rights Day

Kareem, Roi and Mostapaha

In commemoration of World Human Rights Day: 10th December 2005, Writers Without Borders presented : "Roi Kwabena in conversation with Afghani Poet Kareem Meesaq with musical support on the "tar" played by Iranian Musician Mostapaha Abbas Zadeh.

The event was a huge success as Kareem read from his new works in Farsi with translated renditions in English by Roi himself. An ambient atmosphere was excellently maintained by the skilful renditions of traditional songs by Mostapaha.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

promoting cultural literacy

Never allow appearances to colour your judgements
with delegates at recent reading