Saturday, April 29, 2006

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Muse of Mysteries & maps


AMEXEM, AZTLAN, TURTLE & TA-MERI-KA are among the many names given to Empires of MUURS or Mound Builders inhabiting North America in a period dated to: 10,000 BCE (BEFORE CHRISTIAN ERA).

Many leading anthropologists, historians and other scientists have themselves been flabbergasted by recent pronouncements in various reputable circles about the existence of such empires.

Intriguing pre-historic verification of human activities from Alaska to near the tip of South America, suggest the New World may be at least 20,000 years older than first imagined. Near British Columbia's Queen Charlotte Islands archeologists on a routine dive found a small blade of dark basalt. Its sharp edge and flaked surface suggested it was no ordinary rock. It proved later to be made by people who lived on now sunken lands before the Ice Age. Some scientists are still unable to embrace this idea though they are in possession of vital evidence.

An excerpt from “TA-MERI-KA: EL” by ROI Ankhkara Kwabena

Published in DIALOGUE Journal :No.1 /Vol. 2
Available as PDF by request

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Therapeutic value of sound

Meditation: A Journey into Inner Silence

Led by acclaimed cultural anthropologist Dr Roi Kwabena

Saturday 29th April 2006

Friends Meeting House
594 High Road
N17 9TA

Music is silence and sound, dancing together in space. The heavens are music. The earth is music. Called into being, we listen....
Scientists and Healing practitioners and artists are well aware of the therapeutic value of sound suppoted by a peaceful ambience.
This workshop will explore various traditions, using the universally known "FIRST" telephone in a relaxed atmosphere, where healing techniques of tones and sound will be explored. Comfortably attired participants are asked to bring along a percussion instrument of their choice and experience this unique interactive session together.
Dr. Roi Ankhkara Kwabena was born in the Caribbean island of Trinidad. He is a cultural anthropologist who has worked with all age ranges in Europe, Africa, Latin-America and the Caribbean for over thirty years.