Friday, November 25, 2005

celebrating our predecessors

"We have a responsibility to each other,
as the threads of our collective experience
cannot be unwoven nor detangled...
we share the same space , breathe the same oxygen
and will all eventually become ancestors..."
roi kwabena
in conversation with concerned elders

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

the drum exists in all cultures

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

in-visible IKONS

An exploration of Black and multi-heritage representation in historic art, literature, religion, science, architecture and the MEDIA. Following in the wake of acclaimed works as “About the Caribbean”, “Nubian Saints of Christianity” and “Kush Reclaimed”, it forms part of ongoing research conducted by this writer over a thirty year period in Afnka, Europe and the Caribbean.

Black socio-cultural values and scientific achievements were enthusiastically embraced before discovery of the New World. Blacks were at one time revered as emblematic of innocence and nobility. However, over time, Black representation mutated as a direct consequence of perceived variance in RE-LI(E)GION.

Monuments were demolished, statues disfigured, prized artefacts and textual evidence systematically destroyed in an attempt to erase truth. Some of what survives today is hidden in vaults of museums, private collections and libraries.
Black iconography remains (in)visible with a calculable amount of influence in modern day and historic architecture. While, abundant references to the Black thrive on national flags, emblems, coats of arms, paintings, illustrations, post cards, in scientific symbolism and as affectionate titles for public spaces.
Speaker: Roi Ankhkara Kwabena
Venue: London UK
Date: Monday 21st November 2005
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Being part of the wholeness-Workshop

London- November 2005 (fully booked)

We live in extraordinary times and are all conceabout the present and future.

Each life experience become part of one’s memory. Every individual that one meets becomes a part of one’s self. Everything that we come into contact with (in this life), forms part of our memory. This is known as our collective living consciousness. This is represented in your brain as pictures, sounds, feelings, smell and taste.

We are one with the universe and there is no separation between us and existence. The separation that we experience is but a mechanism.

This workshop will assist participants to discover their link with all that they experience. Under guidance, one can effectively heal the experience of separation from the WHOLE.
This unique meditation workshop provides an opportunity to feel part of the whole. Come experience empathy as never before…to actually stand in the footwear of others.