Friday, July 28, 2006

love is the answer

The following article was published in 1981 by the YOU magazine in Port of Spain Trinidad. It is reproduced as a service to readers.

POET Roi-Kwabena (see September ’87 People) has just produced a journal titled Vegetable & Fruit Juices Could Restore Health Naturally. In it Roi advocates the consumption of fresh fruit juices for good health and he also lists the disorders for which the juices might provide therapeutic aid. But we thought on of the most interesting sections to be his Bonus Report on the power of Emotions. We have edited a section of it and you will have to admit, that even though you may disagree with Roi’s theory, it just might have some truth in it.

More than half of the growing number of patients seeking medical attention for many ailments has symptoms resulting from mental stress. Unfortunately however, this is seldom realised by the authorities concerned. Treatment is rather focussed on the symptoms of the particular illness, while the underlying emotional tendencies can cause debilitating and even fatal results. The most potent of these disease producing emotions are jealousy, envy, greed, self-centredness, over-ambition, anger, frustration, resentment and hatred.

Turmoil of this nature, are nurtured in the brain’s emotional centre from which nerve fibres receive and relay impulses to the entire body. Unnatural and aggravating vibes subsequently encourage a great deal of ailments and distressing symptoms.

The digestive, circulatory, nervous, genitourinary and glandular systems are all very susceptible to emotional upsets. Many skin disorders and diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis, hives and other similar ailments are the result of emotional stress. Within recent times, however, fascinating findings based on extensive studies on this subject by internationally acclaimed authorities pinpoint an antidote, the fantastic benefits of which are available to all.

QUESTION: Why do some people radiate good health while others constantly look like they just rose from a sick bed?

ANSWER: Those of us who learn how to give and receive LOVE and make it a central part of our lives, add many healthy, happy years to our lives. Whether you are married, divorced, single or widowed, you too can make love a vital part of your life. For almost everyone the results will be nothing short of fantastic.

A recent survey of over 1,000 adults reveals that people who express love for others are twice as healthy as people who don’t. People who had higher acceptance of others, who were more loving and caring towards others had twice the likelihood of being physically and psychologically healthy. On the other hand, lack of love can contribute to devastating health problems.


We all need love whether we are young or old, male or female. In order to experience love we must recognise it when it is offered to us, and be able to show love for others. But accordingly, a local senior psychiatrist advises that love is not always easy to recognise.

One must look for subtle clues – for example, a smile, a gesture. Actually some people are extremely low-keyed in their expressions of affection. You must therefore learn to be a good listener and not be caught up in the importance of your own thoughts. Listen to what others are saying. A moment of tenderness is missed and lost forever if you don’t bother to listen carefully.


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