Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In the absence of CULTURAL LITERACY


Descendants of CHATTEL SLAVERY universally suffer POST SLAVERY TRAUMATIC DISORDER and this ailment has never received appropriate remediation.

In the absence of CULTURAL LITERACY descendants of Chattel Slavery have had inaccurate psychosocial assessments as users. Further, these foreign theories are all EURO-CENTRIC and do not address the cultural sensitivities of users of the Mental Care systems in so-called mother countries, independent states and colonies. Clinicians still use Freudian and other theories that have no pertinence to the diverse experience of non Europeans.

The institution of slavery was never aptly addressed in the past nor present. The false concept of superiority and maintained position of non committal responsibility for the introduction of that unjust system: Chattel Slavery and its subsequent systems-for example Imperialism and Capitalism contributes directly to the psychosis that is endemic to communities still marginalised.

After the so-called Abolition of that dastard trade in human cargoes nothing was done to address the resulting trauma which was genetically passed on to the inhabitants of the sufferers. Rather other systems were introduced. (For example: Apprenticeship /Apartheid /and Social Segregation) Even In my own life time Lynching was conducted in America.

Authoritative practitioners all agree that one does not have to live through an experience to be traumatised by it. Thus, in the absence of resolution, deviant attitudes and behaviours resulting from trauma can be passed on through generations subconsciously.

The Crabs in the Barrel syndrome, self hate, dysfunctional family and interpersonal relationships (including Male Female relations) plus anti social behaviours is a direct consequence of POST SLAVERY TRAUMATIC DISORDER.

Roi Kwabena, April 2007


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