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Performances & Workshops: Art of Telling Tales

Since 1974, Roi Kwabena provided magic and wonder to the lives of thousands across the globe through the ancient craft of storytelling. He has participated in storytelling activities at Nurseries, Play Groups, Libraries, Theatres, Schools, Universities, Homes for the Elderly, Festivals, Rallies, Seminars, etc., in the Caribbean, Europe and Africa.

Many young people have also benefited from the cultural workshops he specifically conducted on the request of several local government bodies in the UK. Critical support and acclaim for his work has also come from various accredited agencies with independent evaluations.

literacy champion/supporter of libraries

A prominent contributor to the International Poetry Day and National Year of Reading commemorations across the UK, his efforts as a Literacy champion and cultural activist are renowned. He has appeared at the Libraries of Birmingham, Stoke On Trent, Bangor (Wales), Manchester, Coventry, Hounslow, Sandwell, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Burton on Trent, Hull, Staffordshire, , Rugby, Warwickshire, Bedford, Walsall & Nottinghamshire in the U.K., Trinidad & Tobago, Antigua, Anguilla-B.W.I., Munich, Frankfurt & Augsburg- Germany, and Phillipsburg in St Maarten N.A.

In recognition of the UN's Declaration of 1990 as the Year of Literacy, Roi Kwabena was appointed "Writer in Residence" of the Trinidad Public Library and served as a Senior Advisor to the Department of Education in Anguilla, B.W.I. Roi was appointed a senator in the republic of Trinidad & Tobago in 1992. He has numerous publications to his credit, and was Poet Laureate for Birmingham City in UK for 2001-2002.
acclaimed raconteur
His work has been commissioned for major conferences and also as therapy (for example in the pursuit of Memory Harvesting for the elderly;facilating cross generation communication; the rehabilitation of young offenders plus sessions in prisons for adult inmates.)

Practical workshops on the art of story-telling, with demonstrations and of course performances .


A repertoire of over three hundred tales, including favourites as

Anansi tales
Who is Queen of the jungle ?
Never trouble, trouble
Water more than flour
Ole man kar get taller
Rat & Mongoose
Lizard & Mice
Why a donkey brays
How snake lost his legs

raving reviews


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